Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated Development Team

We take the pain out of hiring and managing top notch software engineers. Set up a dedicated software development team in weeks and integrate new resources into your in-house team as if they were full-time, on-site employees.

Amazing dedicated talent at your fingertips

This form of cooperation is perfect if you are working with an in-house development team that you want to extend with additional skills or resources. Ideally, you are looking for a team member to work in the context of a larger project.

Client’s team

UnitSpace integrated team

Rapidly Scale Your Development Team

Keep Full Control over Development Processes

Worry about Recruitment and HR

Rapid access to talent

With office in Kharkiv plus developers who work in the nearshore countries and thus a fast access to Ukraine’s largest talent pools, we are able to assemble an effective dedicated team in a few weeks. Extend the team for a few month or hire a team for 1-2 years. Both models will bring a great value to you.

rapid acces to talent
Enjoy the extra value

You communicate directly with the developers, assign tasks and choose the tools and processes to work with. You can integrate our engineers into your existing team structures and let them join your meetings over video conferences. You can also invite them to visit you in person, which can be a great way to improve your cooperation over the long term.

enjoy the extra value
Long-term Partnership

Your dedicated development team members work for you full-time. As part of our long-term cooperation, you will form personal connections and strong working relationships. As our developers get to know you and your business better, you will be able to leverage their skills even more efficiently and in a wider context.

long-term partnership
Continuous Learning

At Unit Space, we deeply believe in expanding our knowledge and sharing it with others. We support our employees’ continuous learning through regular trainings and development program. We also host frequent professional events.

continuous learning
Lets Create something together
What makes us so unique?

Offshore Software Product Development Company

When you needs top-notch software development services it is of the highest importance to apply to the right contractor. As usual, the choice for USA and European customers consists of two variants that are hiring local developers or the whole software development teams or applying for remote team/specialist’s services. The last options gains popularity right now. Let’s enclose its merits and define why are offshore software developers a good choice.

Offshore and Onshore Software Development: Some Facts and Differences

It seems logical to engage professional and reputable software development company. How can you define it suits goals and tasks you share? Both types of IT development services provider companies (we mean offshore and onshore ones) are represented in the US and it is necessary to know what differs one from another.


A development company with an onshore status is officially legislated/licensed by the US government or EU community. It is a land-based agency providing software development services for US and EU customers. Among them you can find various service providers from top-notch to lower-class agencies among these onshore options.


When talking about an offshore software development company, its location is not bounded to the US and it can work almost everywhere even thousands miles away from USA. In it, you can get outsource services from remote IT pros. As usual, these outsource service providers require more affordable rates than local ones. The efficiency and speed of their work are not lower than in US-based agencies.

The Merits of Hiring Offshore Developers

The popularity of applying for remote software development services increases, all customers are interested why applying for this kind of service is beneficial? Let’s check out all the benefits of hiring outsourced remote developers.

  • As usual, when applying for remote developers to hire, you can get all kinds of services in the field of software product development. There you can get a turnkey product like a custom mobile app for your business or a full-fledged web application. Besides, they also provide customers with the support and product maintenance so you can get their services even after the release of the product.
  • It is not necessary for you to look for pros in the various fields of software development. All these pros are already available for engagement. It is easy to collect a dedicated outsource team for your project whose efficiency will be higher than when hiring pros from various agencies or applying for freelancers’ services.
  • When comparing prices for an onshore company’s services with the same pack of services provided by an offshore software company, you’ll be surprised as remote pros can be hired for three times lower rates.
Some Tips for Choosing an Offshore (Outsource) Software Company?

No need to say, even among offshore outsource companies you can see both leaders and low-rated agencies where low-qualified or just newcomers among IT specialists are working. How to look for the most competent and creative team for your software development tasks? The answer is hidden in several tips we are glad to share with you.

  1. The country of residence of your future team members matters! Lots of offers come from India or South American countries. Yet IT pros from these countries often are not skilled enough. Besides, do not forget about the language barrier that will make the communication with outsource team a bit complicated. Instead, today the most skilled outsource pros are Ukrainians as there is a high enough IT educational level and almost all developers from Ukraine have no problem with English-speaking customers.
  2. The portfolio of projects is a must for each agency in general and every one of its specialists in particular. When you are going to hire a dedicated developer, you should be sure he has enough experience and skills in the development of a certain product.
  3. Check out customers’ reviews on each company you are interested in. Sometimes, even a brilliant portfolio is not a guarantee of high-quality services. So customers’ experience in cooperation with this or that outsource company may be useful for you.
Work with Unit Space: Remote Outsourcing Company

We can make your choice even easier! Just look at Unit Space, company that provides all types of services you may need. Our dedicated pros can cope with the bravest ideas you may have including the development of complex enterprise products or MVP of your idea.

Dedicated Ukrainian Team of Software Developers

We offer to hire highly skilled Ukrainian IT pros who are gathered in high-efficient teams and we do guarantee to our clients the following features of our services:

  • Paying attention to the tiniest part of the product,
  • Constant contact with the client,
  • The high level of competence of our specialists,
  • Selection of dedicated teams for your needs,
  • Good communication English skills for hassle-free interaction.
Impeccable Quality of The Product

What makes Unit Space so unique? That is the impeccably high quality of every software project we develop. We set only high industry standards and implement them in a full. We are checking the quality and polishing the idea to the ideal when doing each step on the roadmap of your project. Want to be ensured with this? We are happy to share our customers’ testimonials along with our portfolio to make you sure you’ve chosen the top one service provider for your goals.

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